Ventura County recently released  their new updated floodplain management ordinance. Please visit the following link to view the ordinance.


FEMA released preliminary flood maps for coastal areas of Ventura County in April 2017.  FEMA has initiated the “90-day Appeal Period” starting June 9, 2017, and ending on September 6, 2017.  The 90-day Appeal Period is the opportunity for affected residents to directly challenge FEMA through an appeal and/or comment on the Preliminary Maps released by FEMA.  To view and download the FEMA Preliminary maps, go to the link below and look for the issue date of September 30, 2016, Maps:

FEMA is tentatively anticipating to make the map changes effective in July 2018. We encourage potentially affected property owners to check back for updates on the final effective date.

Click here to read the County of Ventura's Flood Warning Program Report. Click here to view the maps.

Click here to view the latest flood inundation maps for unincorporated areas of Ventura County.

Click here to view the County's new interactive Stormwater Conveyance System maps.