On Friday, September 26, 2014, a large portion of the Eastern Ojai Valley received new FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps. Many properties were removed from the 1% annual chance (100-year) floodplain while others remained in the floodplain as originally determined in the early 1980’s.  To find out how your property is affected by the new FEMA flood map, your may learn more here or you may visit the County of Ventura Public Works Agency 3rd floor Permit Counter.

If your property was removed from the FEMA floodplain, beginning on September 26, 2014, your bank should have removed your building from the high risk (100-year) flood area.  Your bank should have requested their flood zone determination company to do a new flood zone determination of your property to document that your building was removed from a high risk flood area. Your lender should have provided you with a brief letter stating that:  (1) flood insurance was originally required as part of your loan, and (2) flood insurance is no longer required due to the new FEMA flood map.  Once you have your lender letter, you need to take a copy to your insurance agent and request that your flood policy be cancelled.  You will receive a refund of your current year’s flood insurance premium.

You may need to remind your bank that there is no FEMA Letter of Map Revision or Amendment that anyone can provide them.  Your bank’s flood zone determination company has access to all the new FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map panels for the Eastern Ojai Valley and they should conduct a new Flood Certification on your building using the new Flood Insurance Rate Map panels.

Important Information Pertaining to Properties Going into a Floodplain for the First Time