FEMA Elevation Certificates

A mandatory requirement for participating in the Community Rating System is for applicants of new building construction projects and remodel/renovation projects (50% Substantial Improvement) that are within the floodplain to submit a completed FEMA Elevation Certificate at the completion of construction (i.e., at final project inspection).  The Elevation Certificate must be stamped/ sealed and signed by a California-licensed Civil Engineer, Architect, or Land Surveyor.

The County Floodplain Manager is required to sign the Certificate to validate the accuracy of the information provided. Photographs of all sides of the completed building construction must be included as part of the Elevation Certificate. For a list of completed Elevation Certificates in the Unicorporate Areas of Ventura County, click here, and by year, click here. Copies can be obtained by visiting the Public Works Agency Permit Counter on the 3rd floor of the County Government Building at 800 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA during normal business hours, Monday-Friday. 

Insurance agents that write flood insurance policies are required by the National Flood Insurance Program to use the completed Elevation Certificate to properly rate the building in order to ensure that property owners are receiving the lowest cost possible on their flood insurance policy.

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